iZipPro was created to help macOS users with managing and saving on disk space, file encryption and file management.
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Why iZipPro?

  • Easily manage zip, tar and rar files

    ZIP and RAR files are the most common compressing methods, and TAR is gaining popularity fast. We got them all figured out for you.

  • 100% Encryption

    Saving disk space is no excuse for lousy file protection, we use 128bit encryption to make sure your files remain safe.

  • Send Large Files Easily

    Most emails won't send files larger than 25MB, our compression algorythmn allows you to shrink your files fast and securely

  • Save Disc Space

    Disk space is expensive, iZipPro let's you save it by shrinking your files faster and more efficiently

  • Why pay when you can get the full version for free?

    iZipPro is 100% free to use, because we believe that good things are meant to be shared.

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